The child friendly communities and districts project

The objective of the project that is to take place in the Province of Lao Cai, Northern Vietnam, is to increase respect for children’s rights by improving their physical, healthcare and psychosocial environment.

To this end, E&D works closely with the communities involved (neighbourhood committees in the districts or communes involved, women’s unions, teenage unions, schools, children, parents, etc), the local authorities and government ministries.

As a result, the communities themselves carry out many of the activities in schools and villages aimed at children and adults, with technical and financial help from E&D.

The project has 5 key elements: education, healthcare, community development, support for children’s rights and training local project stakeholders - see Today, it is regarded as a model for Vietnamese development in regions inhabited by ethnic minorities and regularly used as an example by the Vietnamese government which would like to see it extended to other parts of the country.


Annie Foulquier & Laura



Road book : Annie Foulquier and her daughter Laura

First impressions: dangerous roads, the perpetual rumble of scooters in this magnificent city of Hanoi and the communist flags that act as a constant reminder of the regime. Visiting the capital is a must not only because of its beautiful monuments but also because of its “positive but chaotic” energy! We met Romain Termoz, the Colas Vietnam manager who showed us his office – the premises, organisation and its activities. We would like to thank him for the warmth of his welcome and his time. (...)

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Road book : Annie and Laura visit a model school

Laura and I observed the local NGO, Enfants & Développement based in Bac-Ha in the North of Vietnam near to the border with China. The humanitarian team was made up of Isabelle, the French manager and a dozen Vietnamese employees who implement the NGO’s projects locally. The organisation has been present in Vietnam since 1993 but only extended its activities to the mountainous regions in 1998. The EU provides most of the financial support for this organisation. Since 2007, the Child (...)

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Road book : On the path to discovering the school supported by Colas and the missions conducted on-site by Enfant et Développement

Boarding Schools
In mountainous regions, there are numerous obstacles between children and schooling - slippery and dangerous roads, the distances involved, unwelcoming school environments – and many families hesitate to allow their children to go to school as they fear for their safety and wellbeing. Boarding schools provide a direct long term response to these problems and are a key component in the ‘child-friendly’ school programme. They make it possible to meet several objectives: (...)

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Road book : Meeting with villagers

Annie, Laura and the Enfants et Développement team meet villagers.

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SLIDESHOW : Discover Hmong people

Take 3 minutes to watch this slideshow and immerse yourself in the Hmong’s life.
And make sure you watch it in fullscreen !

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All about : The importance of playing games and sports

Because playing games and sports help school integration.
With schools short of resources and struggling to provide even a basic education, children’s psychosocial development is often neglected. Yet, games and sporting activities, and the encouragement of artistic skills help children to develop essential qualities such as self- confidence, motor and communication skills, social integration, etc. And they also help to create a stimulating environment. School is no longer just a place (...)

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SLIDESHOW : The model school of Coc Lau
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SLIDESHOW : Enfants et Développement local team

Introducing the whole "Enfants et Développement" local team.

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