Interview: Nadia speaks about the start of the new school year in Kekeli

Nadia, has the school year gotten off to a good start at the new Hanoukopé market?

Since the market was moved, we have noticed that fewer working children attend day center activities. However, our educators are out on the streets on a regular basis, and they have seen an increase in the number of children who are working at the market, because new saleswomen and shops have appeared.

How did the educative team from Kekeli react?

We decided to open up a dedicated space in the new market to make sure that the children have easy access to our social and educational activities.

Where does the project stand today?

The authorities have in theory approved our project and two locations have been pointed. We will begin the construction during next November.

Tell us about your projects for the future

We are planning on building a shelter for sexually abused girls and girls who have been forced to work where they can stay for two to five years if needed. The shelter will be run like a boarding school to enable the girls to live and study in a more stable, protective environment.

In addition, we will set up new revenue-generating activities (pastry shop, embroidery, poultry farming, composting, gardening, etc.) to help favor the reinsertion of child workers.

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