New Ambitions for “L’Ecole à l’hôpital”

“L’Ecole à l’hôpital” Association has continued to restructure to enhance its impact and increase its presence with sick children that wish to continue their schooling despite illness-related disabilities.

At the initiative of its new Director, an organizational roadmap was defined, setting the future goals of the Association along two main lines: targeting a wider range of facilities dedicated to teenage and young patients on the one hand, while also reinforcing the operational capabilities of teachers through training and provision of better suited and more effective teaching tools.

This new momentum should lead to a personalized teaching program adapted to each young patient and relating not only to the school project, but also to the child’s specific needs in terms of teaching level and health condition.

It is within this dynamic context that the “L’Ecole à l’hôpital” Association convened its General Meeting on 28 May, 2015 on the topic: “Learning to learn can be learned”. Speakers at the meeting included personalities from the medical world, as well as the philosophic and literary world.

To ensure financial stability, which is essential for the continued activities of “L’Ecole à l’hôpital”, Colas Life has renewed its support for the Association for the 4th consecutive year in support of its development.
Finally, this year, “L’Ecole à l’hôpital” has renewed its participation in the Heroes Race achieving an even greater number of race participants compared to last year, with 66 runners under the colors of the Association at the St. Cloud park race on Sunday, June 21.

The only cloud in the picture remains that recruiting new volunteer teachers is still insufficient to meet the needs. In the future, particular emphasis will be placed on recruiting and training new teachers.

The “On The Road to School” program is pursuing its commitment to encourage volunteer teachers, and thus enable sick children to continue their school education.

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