News of Kekeli

In 2015, the Kekeli Center had to double its efforts to meet the ever-increasing tasks.
In addition to 68 child workers who are already receiving assistance by center teams, 59 newly-identified recruits were offered the opportunity to join the Kekely Center’s schooling program in view of integration or reintegration into the school system.
These new arrivals include 55 girls that require particular care and protection to enable their reintegration into the school environment.
In all, this year, 83 girls and young women who suffered sexual abuse passed through the reception and transit home where they found assistance and temporary accommodation before being placed with foster families.
To ensure better care of these girls, the medical-social team was reinforced and the legal capabilities were expanded to enable the courts to intervene in protecting the victims against possible recurrence.
The initial results are positive, with 22 arrests and about forty proceedings underway.
From among the preventive activities taken for the benefit of the children of the Hanoukopé market, the library is arousing keen interest, with 633 subscribing children.
The Useful Holidays are also fully booked, with 450 participating children and 41 volunteer trainers. The topic discussed this summer is “Child protection, a challenge to us all”.
Facing this upturn in activity, the Kekeli Center was happy to receive a record number of 14 interns and volunteers that have joined the Center teams to assist in their difficult daily work.
Colas Life continues to closely follow the activities of the Kekeli Center, and, at the initiative of Jean-Pierre of Colas Méditerranée, the project owner, a shipment of school materials intended for the market children was sent out in May.
The “On Road to School” program will continue its support of the Kekeli Center to help address future challenges and provide further assistance and protection to the child workers of the Hanoukopé market.

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