Road book : Annie Foulquier and her daughter Laura

First impressions: dangerous roads, the perpetual rumble of scooters in this magnificent city of Hanoi and the communist flags that act as a constant reminder of the regime. Visiting the capital is a must not only because of its beautiful monuments but also because of its “positive but chaotic” energy! We met Romain Termoz, the Colas Vietnam manager who showed us his office – the premises, organisation and its activities. We would like to thank him for the warmth of his welcome and his time.

Second impressions: Bac Ha. We were surprised and fell in love with the lush green vegetation as well as the huge paddy fields. While our villages are built around a central square, in Vietnam, the houses are a long way from one another and blend into the surrounding environment. The local population’s simplicity, generosity, friendliness and humility, was very moving. We can vouch for their enthusiastic welcome and permanent smiles. But, while smiles lit up the faces of some of the village children, other harsh looks made it impossible to forget the reality of their lives – their poverty, living conditions and poor hygiene. The contact with children and villagers were precious moments of their lives that touched us deeply. We had never experienced such misery. It was a great lesson in humanity.

Road book : Annie and Laura visit a model school

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Road book : Meeting with villagers

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