The stages of the restoration of LO GAUDI

Jeremy is a marine carpenter. He explains in detail all the stages of the restoration of the Lo Gaudi using the traditional know-how of the wood and marine carpentry trades.

Meeting with Melvin

Melvin is a minor placed by the Judicial Protection of (...)

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Presentation of the Paulilles Boat Workshop

Samuel Villevieille is the director of the Atelier des (...)

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Presentation of the Reinforced Educational Center (CER) of Port-Vendres.

A CER is a reception facility for minors subject to (...)

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The role of National Education at the CER of Port-Vendres.

In order to get these juveniles placed in CER out of (...)

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Restoring an old sailing ship to encourage juvenilles placed in the Reinforced Educational Center

The Colas Life project: Restoring an old sailing ship (...)

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Presentation of ADPEP66

The ADPEP66 was created in 1917 to help orphans and war (...)

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Law of 1945

The Law of 1945 came to be under the presidency of (...)

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