DP Day 2015

The Detroit Partnership Day (DP Day), the major solidarity day organized by volunteer students of the University of Michigan, took place this year once more.

Although the situation in Detroit has generally improved with the return of businesses taking advantage of the windfall effect of very low real estate prices combined with an abundance of available manpower, it is still true that the needs of local people in terms of access to education and better living conditions have remained quite significant.

This year, 1400 students joined forces at 21 sites in Detroit and its immediate vicinity in various activities, such as cleaning parks, repainting classrooms, or planting trees.

This day was also an opportunity to recruit new voluntary students for the Weekly Programs that Colas has sponsored for the past three years.

An additional highlight of the Detroit Partnership Day was the personal message delivered by the President of the University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel, to the voluntary students at the traditional closing rally of DP Day 2015.

“Serve, Learn, Grow”: the Detroit Partnership has proven more than ever worthy of its principles, which the “On The Road to School” program has endorsed by continuing to support these students “who make things happen”.

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DP Day 2014

For the second year, the Barrett Pavings team was mobilized with the students from the University of Michigan to participate at the Detroit Partnership Day 2014.
The goal of this year was to board abandoned houses in a neighborhood of southwest Detroit and make the road to school safer for neighborhood children.

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Weekly Programs : Alternatives For Girls

Alternative For Girls
This NGO works closely with homeless and at-risk girls and young women, providing them with shelter and assistance. Every Wednesday, volunteers from The Detroit Partnership help the children with schoolwork, empowering them to make positive choices.

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Weekly Programs : Detroit Action Commonwealth

Detroit Action Commonwealth
Every week, University of Michigan volunteers work at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, assisting the homeless with the paperwork involved in getting new ID cards, striving to endow them with newfound dignity.

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Weekly Programs : Maybury School

Maybury School
As is the case for so many schools in Detroit, the Maybury School was to be closed due to a lack of funding. The neighbors got together, fought back, and the school is still open today. But for how long?

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The DP Day

DP Day
Every year, at the end of March, 1,500 University of Michigan student volunteers come together to participate in community service projects to improve the lives of underprivileged communities in Detroit. Teams from Barrett Paving Michigan lent a helping hand to the U of M volunteers.

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Weekly Progams : Saint Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center

Saint Vincent et Sarah Fisher Center
The center has a long legacy of educational service to both children and adults alike, making it possible to bring families together in a positive setting. Student volunteers from The Detroit Partnership have helped make this project a success by coming twice a week to provide tutoring to the participants.

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